Kabir-Come here often

Why you should be preparing for interviews? Why you should not let this opportunity slip by? Why you should shake things up this time?

Because the satisfactions which you get,  when your body is completely tired, you are exhausted but you want to keep going because you are in a flow. You must experience this. It’s manly.

Remember those comments made to you by your colleagues and your friends.

Remember all the rejections and the views that you don’t have it in you.

To experience the awesome feeling, that you have given your best.

The momentum that you get by working hard that propels you to work even harder.  The look on the face, that’s the look of a knowledgeable person.

Remember the unfulfilled promises that you have made to your family and yourself.

To realize, having faith in you is the best thing in world.

Remember the humiliation your ex gave you.

Remember that you want to move in a better apartment because you deserve a better apartment.

Remember the compromises you have made because you had little money.









3 thoughts on “Kabir-Come here often

    1. I loved the way you simplified things :-). Wisdom, isn’t it. I needed a little kick in the butt to start doing what i must do.

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