तुम्हारी झूठी इबारतें

तुम्हारी झूठी इबारतें और तुम
कार के धुन्धलाये शीशे पर
तुमने प्यार लिखा, फिर पोंछ दिया
जब हाशिये से आगे बढ़कर तुम तक पहुँचा
उस पल में कुछ बोया था हमनें
गहरे विषाद में घुल कर
जन्मी थी वो जिजीविषा
ये वो क्षण थे, जो अब मेरे नहीं हैं

~To be continued.

But i don’t think i will comeback to it. I have struggled to put these lines. There is a bit of sudden inspiration behind these lines. I like “Mad Men” a lot. In season 5- Pete Campbell has a short lived extramarital relationship with a woman who happens to be his co-passenger’s(of daily commute) wife. After their first encounter they happen to meet each other at outside of train station. Pete’s car is parked parallel to his co-passenger car. The woman is sitting in car, they are watching at each other but off-course they can’t show that they know each other. Pete is dejected, because he knows what he has done is wrong but he wants more of her. The woman is almost emotionless.

Now they are about to start the car, the car windows are foggy due to rain and cold weather. She suddenly draws a “heart” in the glass of car window which is closed. Pete saw the heart. She slides the glass of car window down and then moves it up. The heart is wiped. She does all this when her husband is sitting right next to her and he can’t see any of it. I loved it but i couldn’t manage to put it into words. That is what happens to you when you have artistic temperament but you are not artist. Those 8 lines have taken more than 8 days.

Pete is bit relaxed now. Sometimes most dangerous, socially ethically wrong deeds makes us most alive. There is a thrill, some succmbs to it, some wants to. I understand the powerful emotional turmoil that happens inside us during those times. I am fan of that upheaval.



5 thoughts on “तुम्हारी झूठी इबारतें

  1. K, Had you not given the background the lines emitted beautiful incandescence. The hurt and melancholy of longing of something you can not have. The thrill and rush of dangerous and ethically wrong is powerful but short lived and followed by life line regret though. None the less the beauty in those words is limitless. love.

    1. You always write the most beautiful words here, and that encourages me. I thought giving background was important here because that would be a honest thing to do. Thanks again.

  2. This is a interesting and honest topic. I love the visual impression of the two seeing each other through foggy windows. Even though it is wrong and forbidden, we are attracted to things that are out of our reach. Your words make me think and examine my own feelings. I like this very much. I have had feelings for people in this way and never thought about what made me attracted to them. You must keep writing about love and relationships. Your thoughts are so helpful and interesting. Thanks you for sharing your talent.

    1. Glad that you liked it. Once in a while we come across such situations where all our rationality doesn’t help us anymore. psychology attracts me, I love to know and understand how and why we do /don’t do what we do/don’t do.

      Do you write? do you have a blog as well.?

      1. Thank for responding. This topic interests me greatly. I am presently having feelings for someone I can not be with. The fact that we cannot be together intrigues me even more than I realize. I work with this gentlemen and have to see and speak with him daily. It is very hard for me. I am afraid that if he knew my feelings we could be friends no longer. I don’t know if you write from experience or curiosity but I can relate to this.

        I do write but I do not have a blog. I began reading blogs recently to decide if I will begin writing one. Maybe someday I can share some of my writings with you and you can tell me if I should create a blog in the future.
        I have used my active email address in this reply. I often use my brother’s email when commenting on blogs. I am a single woman and want to be safe.
        Blessings to you as you continue sharing your feelings and thoughts.

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