कोई रंग नहीं है उस उठी निगाह में
पर तगाफुल ऐसे ही तो बयाँ होती है
आरजू के सुर्ख रंग
खिले भी नहीं की ढल गए
महफूज़ अहसास जो निकले
तो सीलन से लिपटे थे
उन्होंने हसरतों की धुप देखी
कुछ दूर से मैंने खुद को देखा
बहते हुए, धडकते हुए
it is so funny to see myself having a giant  crush on somebody….i am still a fucking teenager or what…whatever 🙂

10 thoughts on “तगाफुल

  1. I have enjoyed reading your beautiful words. You have much talent. I wonder if you would answer a question about why you would not tell your colleague about the feelings that you have? I know that this post is very old. Do you still work with her? Do you believe that she has equal feelings for you? This may sound very peculiar to you but I am able to reveal information by using numbers and letters. It is a form of numerology. I may be able to help you determine if this woman is meant to be your wife. I am very curious because you are a very interesting person and very sincere in your words. All i need to know is her first name or initials and your first name or initials. i would enjoy very much the opportunity to help you. Your words have helped me very much today and I thank you so much!

    1. Hey A.J., Thanks for the kind words. This is inspiring and I hope I will write more. I could never tell that colleague about it. She doesn’t work with me anymore. I did try to talk but her reactions were not friendly, there was obviously no point in carrying on the conversation.

      About the numerology thing you wrote, well, I will ask you for sure in future. I have your email id which you gave while commenting. please keep visiting.

      1. Hi Kabir! I am happy to inspire you to write more. This makes me very happy. I am very new to reading and commenting on blogs but I enjoy it very much. I am sorry to hear about your colleague’s reaction. Did you ask her out on a date or just tell her your feelings? I am new to numerology and enjoy when I get an opportunity to practice. I wish you would give me the initials of you and the woman you had a crush on. Even when an event is in the past, I should be able to use the names and year to give you information about the future and the next woman you should pursue if you are currently single. If you are married, you may no longer be interested in this help. I understand if you do not believe in numerology. As I explained, I am just learning and studying myself. In some ways, I need to practice in order to understand if I will invest more time in this work.
        Keep writing and have a beautiful day!

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