:-) :-| :-(

I don’t actually dislike the dark circles under eyes. A not so perfect look is more humane. I know many girls who have them and I do not like those TV ads who pronounce them something that needs to be get rid off asap. Lot of girls who have them(and whom i know) used to be very serious studious type girls with very little time to left to make up. Beneath that exterior used to be a fun loving soul,   With them I used to had very meaningful conversations…and in general had good time.  I guess that independence and thought process to go out  somewhere without wearing a makeup, keeping an unkept look (the way you want to) kind of sets  you free.


4 thoughts on “:-) :-| :-(

  1. I have bad dark cirles..and puffed up and tired eyes.. But I am lot of fun person! 🙂

    And i rarely wear make up, but i still have lots of friends and I am popular.

    and you are totally correct, being simple sets me free…. coz people who love me dont care if I wear make up or not. 😛

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