“I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time.” Friedrich Nietzsche

I always had strong feelings in this theory, I am glad to know that Nietzsche also had objections. I must admit that there may be deeper meaning/reasons in the fact that most of our Religious text are basically praise of God, which I do not understand. But it does not mean that I do not believe in God…it is just that I have a different view on it.

I was wondering about the concept of complete surrender, your Happiness, your sadness , your worries..everything surrendered on the feet of God…unburden yourself and you will suddenly find peace. It is not easy thing to do..it hurts our ego…it makes us feel powerless….But it works…it works for me.

I wanted to put the Friedrich Nietzsche quote on my FB, but I changed my mind…for obvious reasons 🙂


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