baaki reh gaya hai

ना पाई जब राहतें मंदिर के दर पर
हमनें पीरों के वहाँ, दरगाहों में भी हाजिरी लगाई
सब बदलते रहे दोस्त और हमसफ़र
हमनें खुदा भी बदल कर देख लिया

I am actually laughing when i am typing this. I was talking to a friend yesterday and told him that I am currently reading about buddhism and I like the way they explain things, their mediatation techniques and all. My friend said- “Haan Beta- Ab bhagwan badal kar ke bhi dekh lo, wahi baaki reh gaya hai”.


6 thoughts on “baaki reh gaya hai

  1. hahaha…Infinitely strong thoughts …yes you need to laugh sometimes on your own sentiments…best way is to put it in words

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