So gaye ho?

शर्माये से लम्हे, सकुचाये अतीत के
पेड़ से टूट गिरे हों पके फल
जिंदा है जिनकी मिठास यूँ ही
एक अरसा गुज़र गया है

यकीन था दिल को भी
इंतजार से आँखें भी मुंदी जाती थी
उँगलियाँ फेर, आँखें ढँक ली तुमने
पूछा, सो गए हो तुम ?

Anything like this has never happened with me, this is just imagination. But couple of days back a sms came at very odd hours- It says -“So gayeho kya?”…..And i thought, how it would be when you desperately want someone to not let you sleep.


5 thoughts on “So gaye ho?

    1. Seeing someone, who is in deep slumber, makes me think that at-least the person is at peace…he is away from all the difficulties which might be around him. i respect it 🙂

      Yeah. it does feel bad when you want somebody to be with you badly, but for him, sleep is more important than you…. 🙂

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