You want to give somebody all the happiness you could. You want to provide him to best of your ability. But the person does not want your love. Even though you feel that you have the capacity to make some one happy, the other person does not want to accept it. Even though you are provider, you feel unhappy about this situation. So why do you feel pain, you are supposedly on a elevated position–

I think we always want our feelings to be reciprocated. Though we feel we are generous in feelings, we want same things to be returned to us. This expectaition actually kills everything which was initially good and true. It is probabaly never fair from very beginning, this give and take is never pure at least in my opinion. I think, i would like to inculcate that purity in my thought and action in me. I don’t want my love to be bounded. I want it free from any expectation.


5 thoughts on “transitions

  1. There has to be a give and take..unless its a mother’s and child’s love. All others relationships are so much about give and take

    Else one cant move move on one has to limit oneself..this is what I have learnt

    1. Thanks for comment, Rajita. In my case, probably i expected beyond a practical limit and gave too little. I understand that what i have written is a transition from one extreme to another. And, life perhaps moves in between.

      But, isn’t it worth a try 🙂

  2. good thoughts kabir!..but yeah..verry difficult to just give n not expect at least some fraction..specially from that special person:-) but if one gets happiness and satisfaction from just loving and giving one’s care that someone , one shud not regret that :-)) yup!

  3. The guess the only expectatiion is acceptance and positive acknowledge….and its not at all wrong….as the world summarized in your para loves to give and fears to accept…and when this is driven wrong all what you loved bfore now makes you cry…

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