Meaningless time pass post alert 🙂

1. Kabir is not my real name, but Rao is my last name. And, I am not from south india.
2. I am a Bihari and my last name has a 300 years old history.
3. I don’t smoke because it makes me melecholic.
4. 60% of songs in my Ipod is always by NFAK.
5. I am a very good cook.
6. I hate most of the news anchors because of their biased views.
7. I do not understand Share Market, my father is my financial advisior.
9. I was the first person to get job in my batch, but I guess i earn least.
10. I really enjoy talking to old people.
11. Girls think that i have a very good voice, specially on phone 🙂 🙂
12. I have very few friends and none of them are girls.
13. I like reading, quizzing, movies(very less bollywood though)
14. Am I bragging here???
15. My english is horrible.
16. I bought my first book on ghalib when i was in class 10.
17. I don’t tell lie.
18. I can’t talk my way out from difficult situations.
19. I want to write about my time, about situations in around myself.
20. I have no idea about cars and automobiles.
21. I do not understand english music, but have started listening to Bob Dylan. He is legend.

Rest of the points are written by my colleague
22. Kabir has a serious outlook that adds to his humour side mean a comedian must never laugh right?
23. A knowledge of ocean just throw a ‘?’ and something contexual oozes out instantly
24. Can’t take nonsense…but this neither needs to be displayed always
25. Keen sense of poetry,current/historical/political/sports/ affairs…Awesome GK
26. kitna namak Kitna Meetha a living Gauge to such doubts…not only in food get what I mean
27. feedback works like A TONIC…and you definitely can feel the improvement.
28. Mood Swing no the right word would be Extreme mood Swings so a right swing would just solve the unsolvable and Vice Versa;-)
29. Time to not work is surplus in IT.


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