after a break

जागती आंखों से भी सपने देखा किये हम
आदतन कहानियाँ बुनते रहे
सोचा हमनें की एक सुबह ऐसी आये
जब दिन तुम्हारी उनींदी आखें चूम शुरू हो
सुकून से रोशन हो, पर कुछ सवाल उठाये वो मुस्कान
देखूं वो आंखें जिनमे रहते हो सारे सवालों के जवाब
तुमने कभी ये सब सोचा ना हो
सपनों और हकीकत के दरम्यान फासला भी है
तुम्हें खौफ रहा सपनों का
हम डरते रहे हकीकत से

For three weeks I was in my parent’s town, had a great diwali there.

I always wanted to have a library in my home so i bought a good sturdy Godrej Book Case(I can not believe that it costs 17k, godrej surely need a competition in that segment) to put my collection. And, then i found this diary of mine probably of 2004. Above lines are taken from that diary. I was stupid even then, i was not in love with anybody back-then. The idea of ideal romantic love was so strong in me that it ignored the practicality of day to day situations. Recipe for disaster i tell you.

I may have learnt my lessons, but what’s the point, I knew a awesome girl when i was foolish 🙂 and I am lonely now.


2 thoughts on “after a break

  1. Beautiful lines. But I strongly disagree that practical headed people can not believe in this kind of romance. Dil to dil hain use dimaag se kya kam ? 🙂
    Baki Tanhayi khud kahani to khus se hi shuru hoti hain wahin aake khatam bhi hogi.

    and i can not agree more with Godrej part. I too shelled out quite some money on that store-well. 😦

    1. I guess, i was romantic but not level headed in those days.
      In future, i am not gonna say anything to my would be other half about what makes me happy, those little things or deeds becomes expectations and finally they give pain.

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