When you realize that few of your deeds are not something you were supposed to do, few of your actions/inactions have turned out to be a big fucking mistakes…what can you do about it. We take a decision based on present situation and our intellectual abilities. Some of us are not blessed with foresightedness, life does not come with a instruction book anyway.

You hope for the best possible outcome (atleast for youselves, even if it has a connotation of being selfish), it becomes a nightmare for you. But, can you really blame yourself, you did what you could have done to best of your knowledge and abilities. I guess, we try to interpret every situation in our life we come across. But instead of understanding it we first misunderstand it first. We probabaly can’t fathom the fact that there are few things which we may not understand at that point of time. It hurts our ego and we take foolish decisions and judge others and ourselves.

Sometimes, best way to handle a situation is to not handle it at all.


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