Meditation for Forgiveness

Almost everyday I visit a online forum dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba. This is kind of routine now. We virtually meet several devotees share our pain, joy and pray for each other. It is all very satisfying. During one of discussion under thread DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT AND PRAYER, Drashta has posted a meditation method for forgiveness. I understand that pangs of guilt are the most De-motivating and it just makes life difficult. Burden of guilt can be diminished by forgiveness. So here it is-

Sit in a meditative posture, with eyes closed, preferably in front of Baba’s picture. Recall the face of the person who harmed or hurt you. Repeat mentally, “I forgive you”. Or else, just say “I forgive you, —-(add the person’s name here)”. Say it again and again. Say it till you cannot say it any more. Try to do this exercise for as many people as you have to. Sit everyday for a few minutes to do this. And, above all, do this for all that you need to forgive yourself for. Write all down in a journal. Go through the list one by one, and say repeatedly in your mind, “I forgive myself for…….”. Say it again and again, till you feel the burden lifting off your heart and soul. Through the mental repetitions, we program our subconscious to forgive. If not repeated mentally, the words of forgiveness remain at a superficial level. And, deep down, the resentments and bitterness remain.Try this method, and let me know how you feel.


One thought on “Meditation for Forgiveness

  1. I tried but there wasnt a single person whose name came up..
    Maybe I dont feel so intenselt for anyone think of forgiving
    Maybe I have forgiven and forgotten long back

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