I am lonely, more alone than ever. Sitting in office right now, it seems like life is just passing by and I am watching it like a mute spectator from sidelines. It seems it is just a dream, It feels like a cinema where image in screen is changing every moment. I have no control on anything. I am not writing what I am writing right now it is just happening and I do not understand the purpose.

I need a soul mate, I want to talk somebody. I want somebody to listen to what I have to say. I may have to say most awkward things but I want somebody to listen to me without any prejudice. I want somebody to tell me that you might have done lot of mistakes in past but you do not have feel guilty about it all your life. I want somebody to hold my hands and wipe my tears. I want somebody to tell me that you have every right to feel happy and try for more fulfilled life. I need somebody with whom I can share my every desire every dream and I do not have to think twice before saying everything. I want somebody to tell me that they are hurt because I did something wrong and I would like to accept my fault and try to improve myself.
I want to make someone happy. I want to have intent and capacity to love someone. I want to love life.


4 thoughts on “haze

    1. Beyond all this, there exists a state which does not depend upon external conditions…state of bliss..we will try to attain that 🙂

  1. एक खुशबू आती थी
    मैं भटकता जाता था, रेशमी सी माया थी
    और मैं भटकता जाता था
    जब तेरी गली आया, सच तब ही नज़र आया
    मुझमे वो खुशबू थी, जिससे तूने मिलवाया

    meri lines nahi hain, but they make a lot of sense every single time.

  2. My ex used to say..I don’t love myself and I don’t respect myself….
    You are right, mujhme wo khusboo hai, kuch aur talash karne ki kya jaroorat 🙂

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