food for thoughts

I consider my self a more than ok type of cook..I can certainly prepare a good meal..and I am cooking almost regularly from last 4 years…while preparing my lunch yesterday i realized that whatever i cook does not taste same everyday..I mean to say, if i am preparing aloo-gobhi (potato-cauliflower) sabzi , every time when i will prepare it would not taste same…I never use ready-made spices(sabzi masala and all)..i use every spices individually. I guess, some time I put something more, or something less or may be if it is not available i don’t use it at all. But, that uncertainty is fun,isn’t it..the food come out good..however it may taste different. And, who has said that aloo-gobhi should always taste like a particular way. I think the fixed taste should be a must in hotels and restaurants ….that’s why we go to our favorite eating place to eat a particular dish.

Now if you think, aren’t our whole life is a struggle to convert every uncertainty to certainty…life itself and every aspect of it is uncertain..but we try nevertheless. Be it job, realtionship…just think about it.


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