quest contd..

this whole universe thing is probably a toy for GOD’s amusement. we all are his toys…he plays with us and keep himself busy…
What i really do not understand is why there is so much bad thing in this world…bad people, bad world..calamities..disasters..why….

if we are created by that superpower, why he does not give everybody the right knowledge to do the right things..i mean why ..what’s the problem with that…ok ..we can say we are all KARMA bound…what you have done in past will decide your future…but the same thing can be asked…why we did the bad thing in past..why he did not give the wisdom at the first place itself.

he probably see it when people struggle for everything..and may be gives something to keep them going….he must be enjoying all these…

in this world we all are seeking something…and sometime we don’t know what we want..and there is nobody who can show a way…not a soul..

i really don’t what my life supposed to be..and i don’t know…why i am living..absolutely no purpose


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