This is from Ask Deepak .

I find it hard to control what I visualise. For example if I try to visualise that my boyfriend is having fun on his journey in South America, then all of the sudden he gets abducted, beaten or robbed in my visualisation. I have faith in the fact that these horrible things won’t happen to him, but they still pop up inside my head, when I try to visualise that he’s okay.
I have that kind of problems almost no matter what I try to visualise, and even when I’m listening to a guided meditation. What happens most often is, that the happy faces turn into scary, screaming and horrifying faces.
What can I do to gain control over, what I see when I visualise? And is it normal to have this problem?

Instead of generally thinking about your boyfriend having fun or being okay, see specific scenes where he is sightseeing churches, smiling while river rafting, or taking photos of the high Andes while hiking a trail. This gives your mind something to work with and so it doesn’t need to generate alternate scenarios that are less pleasant. If unwelcome images come to mind anyway, or even when you are doing a guided meditation, then don’t be concerned , react to them or try to push them out. Acknowledge the image as an indication that you are no longer attending to what you really want to do. Shift your attention back to what you want to think about and let the old images fade away on their own. Don’t worry if you have to do this repeatedly at first. Eventually, your mind will find it easy to have an uncomplicated image of what you want in awareness.


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