Mind Wanders

When some one says God or Atma Parmatma what picture comes to mind. When some says TV, Laptop or any animated object we know what he is talking about.

I believe in God, I believe that someone omnipotent and omnipresent is there to guide us. I have come to understand that do not i.e believe or reject what our scriptures says or elightened man says. I think it’s better to take it as a different point view or just as a different thought. It is their truth, it may not be our truth…it’s their experince of almighty. Whatever is true for Budhha or Ramana Maharishi may not be true for us. We are different people…Seek your own truth…Be a searcher.

My problem with most of the spiritual teaching is, they tell you lot of things about everything but they will never answer the questions that starts with HOW?? I am looking for methods…I am looking for ways..but nobody tells it..actually this is where all the struggle is…there is no way..there is no defined rules..you have to find what suits you…this is where scriptures/books Guru comes handy.

I some time think what shall I call GOD, what name shall I give him..how should I address him. Shall I call him shiva, ganesha, devi durga..i believe in everyone…But I want to know him..i want to talk to him. I want to know what is his plans for me..this everyday struggle..it makes me unsatisfied..something is wrong somewhere. I need his guidance…I want to live..I want to be free.


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