Success, this word may have different meaning for every individual, but there are few generic traits. Career, A big house, a big car..the so called materialistic aspect of life. A part of me aspire for these, though a large part of me questions it. I know if I am not able to accumulate all those, the world will term me a failure…if not world, she would…if not she, perhaps I would criticize myself. I would love to have everything, perhaps to really understand that these things really means nothing.

I am yet to understand, why I am not so focussed, is it really a genuine lack of interest or it is just moving away from reality. Whatever it is, but it has not worked for me…Am I not fortunate enough that I have liberty of thinking about these things..wat would have the situation if I would have born into a beggar’s family. When life would only mean food for two times. This is a humbling thought. But, even this does not motivate me…I mean what I really wanted from life…I do not like my present situation..but what exactly are the things I need to change……This is certainly something which need lot of attention…….

I think striving for materialistic comforts, is not a bad idea…


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