Sitting Idle…..

Last two weeks has been a free time in office, no more deadlines to more fear “abe yar …phans gaya yar ye issue to..ab kya karein.@&#*&#(*#(*)_))_)”. I am cursing myself for not taking leaves …may be this carry forward will help in next year..but who knows what will happen in next year.

My Life seriously needs change, it is craving for change..i know I need change ..but how to do that. Ok first thing first….What are my list of of this moment what you want from life (except that one obvious thing).

1. Good Health- It means a leaner and better looking Kabir..
2. Job change- It means a more rich Kabir..
3. Maintaining my daily routine of mediatation and whatever other feel good activities I have started.

That’s it..if i would do these three life will be good again…


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