Couple of days back, I was talking with one of my colleague, we were discussing about why our life is so screwed. He said few things which strike a chord with me. We say and complain that God has not been kind to us, he has not given what we were looking for, so many of our desires remained unfulfilled etc.

We should pause for a moment, and think about the time when god has blessed us. Do we even realize that what we have received is a grace of god and do we really use that opportunity to make our life better. I think very few of us really understand its importance at that point of time. I was certainly not one of them. We habitually takes things for granted. I can give numerous example, be it profession or personal life. Changing things for good is in our hands, if you have got something make most of that opportunity, do not mess with it. Understand that you have got that to make your life better. And, If you do not like something, then why the hell you don’t take quick and swift action to change things. Why so much of inertia and complain?

But, guys things are changing for good here, slowly and gradually, touchwood… i am procrastinating less and kicking my lazy ass. Doing things which I love…reading books, watching movie, meditation…have become religious a bit. Working on new technologies and preparing for next career move’s long over due now..I need money a hell lot of it..i will not accept mediocrity in everything anymore.

It will be a lonely Diwali this time, younger sis has gone to home town.
And, we will not be getting any leave also as it is on Saturday.. Nuksaan ho gaya ek chutti ka..

Have ordered New Chetan Bhagat book online and planning to watch “The Ugly Truth” today…Let See


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