Din Nahi Badal Rahe

Taarikh Jaroor Badal Rahi Hai

How things would change, when you don’t know, what do you want change? I have a vague idea, why it is always hazy, Why I am not sure what I want. I have been like this almost all my life, Go with the flow type. The problem is I have never pushed my self hard, I have never checked my limits.

I have this notion that I am capable of doing things, I am better then rest of the crowd. I should not accept my life situations,this mediocrity of my life hurts me a lot.

I want to start living with the fact that there are few things on which we should not waste our time and energy. We know there are few things which we term as right or wrong according to our convenience and thinking. But there are few things which are absolute truth and we all know that…

Beta Kabir..Comfort zone se bahar nikal.


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