last week

Last week was certainly a good week in many aspects. Lot of work in office, we met all the deadlines and got appreciation for work we did, Coming week is also going to be a busy one. I participated in Quiz Competition organized by fun @ work committee. I was in top six out of thirty five participants, went to final round but couldn’t win it. It is a regret..I could have win it..I know that. May be next time. Ultimately success is directly proportional to confidence, and taking calculated risk…I messed up in buzzer round..I was not very alert.

We had a plantain leaf lunch on Friday, traditional south indian affair..The most funny part was behavior of our colleagues… Abhi ek batch khatam bhi nahi hua hai..aur unke peeche khade ho gaye hain ki jaise khali ho to baith jaye..kya hai yaar ye.

Yesterday, I went to Forum Mall with my younger sisters, a little shopping, a little fight in food court and then we watched “Kaminey” . Awesome movie, a must watch. Vishal Bharadwaj has given us very good movies and has gone from strength to strength.

Aur bhi kuch decisions liye gaye hain, dekhta hoon kab tak aur kahan tak teek pata hoon.


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