Tony Robbins asks why we do what we do. I am thinking a lot about this these days.

There are so many “why” in my story. Why I behave the way I behave..what has shaped my behavior. Why there is a always a inertia in everything I do. Why can’t I make up my mind at first given chance. Why I remained a book worm, when there was enough oppertunity to go out and play ..at least now also I can go and play, nobody is stopping me. Why I was always meloncholic without reason (atleast now I have a reason).. Why I used to listen Jagjit Singh and all since I was in class nine….During +2 days when everybody was busy making his career plan, I had my first brush with spirituality through Osho. I like Osho even now but don’t read him more.

Why I do not behave and act the way, most of the people at my age group do. They do pub hopping, they go to malls, they roam aroud, they see new places..they flirt..and me sleep, read, cook, watch a GOOD movie..and then I will think about things which I messed quite a bit.

I am angry with my self… I need to change my self. I do not hate myself because we all are different and we all have shortcomings… I find solace when I think that I know what’s wrong with me..only thing is to do necessary changes. And, while I am writing this..I am thinking why rant about past.. Jo beet gai, wo baat gai.


One thought on “Why

  1. Do you mind, going to the pub, malls, movie etc…? if not, then why not do it and see how it goes 🙂

    Past will always be a part of us. It will help to build a better future and help to live a better present…

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