I personally believe that Prayers are very helpful, not only when we are in deep distress but also in day to day life. At the most basic level, when we pray, we are not thinking about the neagtivity which is around us…that is good enough reason itself.

Few month back I had a discussion with my elder sister about how to pray. My sister participates in Bible study group in USA and she gave me a method of Prayer. She calls it ACTION method :

A – Acknowledgement that GOD is glorious and almighty.
C – Confessions of your sins and wrongdoing
T – Thanks Giving to GOD for HIS mercy.
I – Intercession -Praying for others in need.
ON – Your ON going prayer request. What you want from GOD.

In my opinion everybody should prepare his own prayers. We all have different needs and different life situations. We should try to simplyfy our communication with GOD as much as possible. Most of the time we are focused on ON part of prayer more.

In my case, I have changed the confession part and made it more like : I am accepting what I did and I am asking for forgiveness. I usully add the name of person also from whom I am asking forgiveness.

Finally, these are nothing but ways of embracing positivity. We often forget powerful statements like “thoughts are things” or “where the thoughts go, the energy flows”. Prayers helps us to remain positive.


2 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. “thoughts are things”…understanding to the written context or perhaps my reading interpretation unclear..Please unfold the within.

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